About us

Knowledge-Intensive Development Association (KIDA) is a non-profit cluster organization uniting the capabilities of A Data Pro Ltd., SeeNews Ltd., Identrics Ltd., Media Monitor Ltd., University of Veliko Turnovo St Cyril and St. Methodius, Semantic Interactive Ltd., Intelday Solutions S.A., Ingeniosity, Protos Agency Ltd., U2C Communications, Zetta Systems Ltd., and Information Society Development Foundation.

The strategic goal of KIDA is to grow the number of its members, which will result in better opportunities for the development of joint innovations, laboratories and research, and for the establishment of new types of collaboration between education, scientific and business organizations.


To position Bulgaria as a top global destination for knowledge-intensive services.


Increase the competitiveness of Bulgaria as a knowledge-intensive services development location. Improvement of the business conditions in the knowledge-intensive sector and the investment climate in Bulgaria.


  1. Development and positioning of the “Knowledge-intensive services” sector as a driver of the Bulgarian economy;
  2. Encouragement of the implementation of the cluster approach as a tool for enhancing the competitiveness, partnership cooperation and export potential of the knowledge-intensive services sector;
  3. Support of education and training related to information and communication technologies;
  4. Support of industrial development, education and sectors of a new-generation through the development and implementation of high-value added knowledge-intensive solutions;
  5. Enhancement of the contribution of the higher education to employment and economic growth; Improvement of Bulgarian higher education international image and attractiveness via creation and strengthening of effective partnership between education, research and innovation – the three sides of the “knowledge triangle”.
  6. Development and growth of innovation, technology transfer and scientific Research and Development activities in Bulgaria.
  7. Dissemination of global achievements in ICT, information services, and data and knowledge processing services;
  8. Preparation and execution of local and international projects for knowledge-intensive services development, innovation and popularization.
  9. Support of innovations and entrepreneurship, including for the development of business and leadership skills.
  10. Support of the development of joint innovations laboratories and research, aimed at enhancing the knowledge streams and new types of collaboration between academia, scientific and business organizations.
  11. Support for the career development of young people in the knowledge-intensive services sector.
  12. Sustainable development of the knowledge-intensive services sector.